My Message

Hi, my name is Gabriel Tew. I have been a musician, evangelist, pastor, church planter and healthcare administrator. I currently serve as pastor-leader of Christian Recovery Houses, a discipleship ministry for people recovering from addiction. My wife of thirty-two years, Sharlene, and I have six adult children and three grandchildren and live in Wilmington, NC. Since our six kids live in six different states, Sharlene and I love travelling to spend time with our kids and their families.

The most important issue for every person is their relationship with God. My heart is to provide resources to help people know God and walk with Him.

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.

– Augustine

Coming Soon

Gabriel’s first book, Brilliant Faith, will be available this fall. In Brilliant Faith, Gabriel uses the five facets of faith to show what sets faith in Jesus Christ apart from faith in anything or anyone else.